I, Hope to donate all profits to Charity

We all know and love the ever growing Indie scene, where dedicated developers work on their games for our beloved Xbox. Some do it as a job, some do it as a hobby. But every now and then something comes along that quite simply makes our hearts melt; something so touching in hits us right in the feels. That is exactly what has happened here, so tissues at the ready to wipe away the tears.

I, Hope is heading to our consoles in 2017, but don’t expect this to be a normal release. I, Hope is a beautiful adventure but, for once, it’s not just about the game but about what the game represents. The focus is on helping young patients in hospital for long periods of time and facing difficult procedures – I, Hope is designed to take their minds off the worry and stress that comes with any enforced hospital visit, and concentrate on having some good old fashioned fun.

Check out the trailer below to see this beautiful 3D adventure game in action; what a way to give adventure and hope to people that deserve it the most:

So, who do we thank for such a wonderful idea? I, Hope is driven by a a team built of four companies, and each one of them deserves a huge round of applause. Check out the links below to find out more about those involved in this fantastic project.

Already something with laudable aims, I, Hope and its creators intends for the game to offer more than just a distraction. All profits from I, Hope will be donated to charity to help support children with life-threatening illnesses, and their families. Not just a percentage of profits, all of the profits will go to those who need it, specifically to combat cancer.

So, all we can ask is this: if you only buy one game in 2107 then please buy I, Hope as you will be giving hope and adventure to those that have no other way of experiencing it. We have no doubt you will do the right thing.

Thanks to Microsoft News Center.

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