Celebrate Saints Row’s 10th Birthday All Next Week

Happy 10th birthday Saints Row. The third-person action game has been offering players murderous madcappery and decidedly dodgy soundtracks for a decade– and it looks like developer Volition will be celebrating the series’ anniversary in style.

Every day next week Saints Row will be streaming tons of unseen footage, behind the scenes vids, details about other projects, and tales from the studio that built the cities of Stilwater and Steelport.

Saints Row

You can check out all the details over on the Saints Row Facebook page right here.

Saints Row first hit the Xbox 360 on 29th August 2006 and considered by most to be a fun Grand Theft Auto knock-off; an immature and less – ahem – cultured baby brother to Rockstar’s own open-world actioner. There was no denying it was a smash hit though, and from then on the Saints were taking over the world.

But since the original’s release, developer Volition has carved out its own very unique personality and style for the series. And while its closest rival, GTA, has opted to bring an element of realism to their games, Saints Row has got progressively more manic, crazy and cartoonish, fulfilling just about every power fantasy any gamer has ever had, right up to becoming the President with the power of flight. Yes, they went there.

So have an awesome birthday, Saints Row. Blow out the candles and don’t blow up all of Steelport.

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One thought on “Celebrate Saints Row’s 10th Birthday All Next Week”

  1. @SaintsRow One of the wired games i have played.

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