Game with Fame: Carl Ledbetter

Every now and then the top guys from Microsoft like to come out from behind their desks and play a bit of Xbox, and this is one of those times. Who’s coming out to play today? Tonight it will be Executive Creative Director for Xbox Carl Ledbetter. Carl and his team design the hardware for the Xbox console, controllers, headsets and input devices.

Carls job is to balance Function and design and to make sure the software/hardware work together to give the best experience possible for the consumer. He has been involved with Xbox since its inception way back in 2000, and he claims the best part of his job is working with an incredibly talented team. Each one working hard to make products that gamers and Xbox fans will love and enjoy.

Carl will be online between 7pm – 8pm if you fancy a chance to play against him! It’s understood he is will b playing Forza 6. Carls gamertag is FiveTwoNine

Carls gamertag is FiveTwoNine, why not see if you can drop into one of his games. Let us know below if you manage to play with him

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