Issues accessing Fallout 4 DLC now resolved

After 20+ hours of problems surrounding Fallout 4’s DLC and season pass, Xbox support has confirmed they are on top of the issue’s and finally have it fully working again.

Xbox support also reports that there was no effect to anyone’s save data and you are now able to reinstall the DLC if needed.


The new DLC Nuka-world is due for release on the 30th august. it is unclear if the downtime with the DLC is related to this or not. we have reached out to Bethesda to find out the cause of the downtime but we have not had any response. yet…..

If you don’t know about the new DLC release check out the E3 Trailer for Nuka-world below

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Love to game but never enough time. Hoping I can get off my division box.... Sorry Xbox soon

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