Brawlout Is Coming In 2017, And It Looks Brilliant

Sometimes a developer can take a time tested concept that has worked for an absurdly long time period, polish it, present it in new packaging and make us feel as though we’re on the verge of getting hands on with something new and exciting.

That seems to be the case for Brawlout from developer Angry Mob Games. They’ve taken the platform fighter concept that has worked for games such as Super Smash Bros and Rivals of Aether and given it a beautiful animated finish.

Where Brawlout tries to differentiate itself from its market rival is that each character isn’t static. They don’t have a set move list that is what it is. The characters evolve, they can be given new special attacks, a variety of combo moves and different movement abilities with each character being unique to the last.


Of course the game is at it’s bare bones a fun to play fighter. Which means it would be rude of the Angry Mob team not to include some measure of “Super” powered moves and they’ve done exactly that with the games Rage meter system. The more you execute special abilities and moves the more your rage meter fills, and once it’s full your character becomes a much tougher for your opponents to beat.

You can see some of the early gameplay of Brawlout in the Alpha trailer below, that titular graphic sure seems like an homage to another fighting game:

To learn more about Brawlout visit the official website here. There you can learn more about the games development, the characters and you can also see which events the Angry Mobs team are attending so you could possibly go and get hands on with Brawlout before it’s release early next year.

Is Brawlout a game that you’ll be keeping an eye? We’ll be attending EGX this year in the hopes of getting to grips with this title and possibly catching up with the developer! Look out for an interview with the Angry Games CEO Bogdan Iliesiu in the coming weeks!

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Bryan O'Shea

I was going to update this to say that I had recovered from my Destiny addiction. Unfortunately Rise of Iron has since happened so yeah.....

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