Assassin’s Creed: Ezio Collection Could Be Coming To Xbox One

This year Ubisoft announced that there won’t be a new installment to the famed Assassins Creed Franchise this year. But don’t you fear all you assassins out there because we may well have some really good news for you all.

An eagle eyed fan spotted a listing on the Korean ratings board site for an Ezio collection, which will consist of all four games in the Ezio saga remastered for the Xbox One. This means that we will get Assassins Creed 1, 2, Assassins Creed: Revelations and Brotherhood. Great news indeed for fans of the franchise as number 2 is considered the best game in the entire franchise.ezio1The listing was quickly removed from the website but still, it was there and it has been seen. With the release of the Assassins Creed film coming at the end of this year it would make a lot of sense for Ubisoft to revisit the classics of the franchise on the current generation of consoles.

Now we must stress here that nothing has been confirmed but if we cross our fingers hard enough then you never know, dreams can come true.

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