Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Pack Review

A few weeks ago Turtle Beach announced the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Pack – a single bundle that contains the Elite Pro Tournament Headset, Tactical Audio Controller and the Tournament Noise Cancelling Microphone.

You might already be familiar with the Elite Pro Headset – its journey began way back in 2013 as a performance headset aimed squarely at the eSports scene, where precision audio is key.

Although this headset is aimed at professional e-Sports gamers, it’s actually a brilliant headset for any gamer – or at least any gamer who can afford it. If you’re a multi-platform gamer the heft of that price tag might be lightened a little when you discover the Tournament Pack works flawlessly with both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

That financial outlay gets you a lot of ‘stuff’ though – the Elite Pro Tournament pack arrives in not one but three boxes that scream premium before they’re even opened.

Let’s look at the three elements.

Elite Pro Tournament Headset

The Elite Pro Gaming Headset is a beautifully designed gaming headset – all black with unique orange flashes, it certainly looks the part. The all-new 50mm Nanoclear speakers deliver some of the best sound quality we have ever heard, with crisp audio and no distortion.

The Elite Pro Headset debuts Turtle Beach’s latest ComforTec Fit System – a adjustment system that allows you to personalize the fit of the headset so you never have to worry about fitting issues again. It’s easy to do, with tension controls that adjust the tightness of the headset. The fantastic floating headband perfectly distributes the headset’s weight across your head giving you a snug and perfect fit.



As the bits that clamp around your lug-holes, ear cup design is one of the biggest factors in headset comfort. There are generally two schools of thought – fabric covered for temperature control, or leather-like material to block out unwanted outside sounds. The Elite’s ear cups offer the best of both – constructed from unique cooling gel-infused memory foam that keeps you cooler for longer, and wrapped in smooth Asahi spandex fabric where they touch your head, they feature separate internal and external leather sidewalls to isolate the acoustic chambers.

Lengthy play sessions of seven hours or more continual use did not leave us hot under the ear lobes in any way. Turtle Beach offers a patented adjustment system in each ear cup that creates a small channel in the ear cushion for gamers who wear glasses to play in comfort.

On the cosmetic front, the Elite Pro Headset comes with Customizable Speaker Plates that attach magnetically to the outside of the ear-cups. Overall this is a premium headset constructed from premium materials and rock-solid build quality.

Tactical Audio Controller

The Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller is brand new from Turtle Beach and it’s something a little magic box that gamers have been expecting from Turtle Beach from some time. Taking audio beyond DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound and Superhuman Hearing, the Tactical Audio Controller offers unparalleled control over every aspect of the audio experience.

Four sliders on the T.A.C control game/chat balance, background noise limiter, mic boost and mic monitoring level, while a big shiny knob sets the total volume output. Presets and surround modes are accessed through two buttons at the top of the unit, with the mute button next to the volume knob at the bottom. Aesthetically, the T.A.C. matches the headset – all black in colour with tints of orange.


Background Noise Limiter and Outbound Mic Boost are two controls that generally only feature on the highest of high0-end eSports headset; the Background Noise Limiter helps eliminate distractions by providing tunable mic levels, while the Outbound Mic Boost feature ensures every word is heard loud and clear by your team mates.

The Elite Pro T.A.C. can also be used as a full external USB 7.1 Surround Sound card for PC, and multiple T.A.C.s can quickly and easily be daisy-chained together using standard Ethernet cables to form a LAN chat network anywhere.

Tournament Noise Cancelling Microphone

The Elite Pro Tournament Noise-Cancelling Microphone is again mainly aimed at eSports players, where cutting out unwanted external audio is a priority.  This is a heavy-duty and solid piece of kit with truly sensational noise cancelling properties.

To be fair, unless you are living on a building site, the Tournament noise-cancelling mic might be overkill, designed as it is to cut out the whoopin’ and a hollerin’ of eSports crowds. If you’re just at home then the default Tournament Edition Headset microphone is perfectly fine.


Overall, the Tournament pack is truly amazing – a premium product with a high-end price tag. The Elite Pro headset is a solid build from Turtle Beach and allows adjustment for everyone. The Tactical Audio Controller and Tournament Noise Cancelling Microphone are new, and fit in the Tournament Pack perfectly.

We can’t really suggest any improvements – sure, we would have loved a storage stand for the headset and T.A.C, but build-wise it’s perfect. The downside is of course the price – a penny shy of £300, but if you’re a gamer who wants the best headset around, or a eSports competitor, then this is truly for you.

You can pick up the Elite Pro Tournament Pack for £299.99 direct from Turtle Beach or GAME. or pick up the Elite Pro Stereo Headset (£169.99) Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller (£149.99) and the Elite Pro Noise Cancelling Microphone (£29.99) separately.

Thanks goes to Turtle Beach for providing us a Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Pack to review. It was tested for over 30 hours overall with games including Fifa16, Overwatch and many other titles.

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The best competitive gaming headset money can buy. You'll need a LOT of money, though.
  • Overall


Turtle Beach have clearly taken on advice from the professionals – this is a competitive gaming package that gets everything right. Every component of the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Pack works together to deliver an unparalleled headset experience. Yes, at £299 it is hugely expensive and – realistically – outside the budget of most. But if you have the money, this is the best competitive gaming package on the market.

Turtle Beach has raised the bar.

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