Ghost Recon : Wildlands Character And Weapon Customization

Ghost Recon Wildlands is the highly anticpated next instalment for the franhcise and since it’s announcement fans have been overjoyed at the prospect of being able to roam an open world environment and choose how to go about mission sitautions, either it be in full stealth or driving in on motorbikes shooting anything that breathes.

When a game such as this comes along and you find youself as part of a cooperative team its nice to be able to know you can set yourself apart from the rest of the squad, it would seem that is exactly what you can do in Wildlands – Thanks to the newest trailer which is all about character and weapon customiziation you can see exactly what you can change.

Check out the trailer

The team working on Ghost Recon Wildlands want to create an authentic feel to the game so we experience the thrill of being behind enemy lines but also keep the fun that we would expect from a game, allowing players to create a character and customize them as they please is always a great way of making a player feel attached to the character by giving them a sense of personality and playstyle. When you start Wildlands you will straight away be put into the charactersmith and away you go with creating a character – from face,gender,hair,hats,tops,tattoos,trousers and shoes! from what developers say there are more than a billion possible combinations that will allow you to feel unique on the field.

Appearance isn’t the only customization you can do, once that is dealt with and you look fabulous its time to grab some gear – you can choose what suits you best it may be a casual look, military themed or maybe more of a mercenary style the choice is for you to make but if you aren’t one for spending too much time on picking and choosing the game does offer present set outfits if you want to jump right in.

Let us know what you think to the character and gear customization in the comments below.

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