Mount & Blade: Warband Coming To Xbox One

Who doesn’t want to be King right? We don’t mean the modern day kind of king, no, no, more like the beheading, “my will be done” kind of king from medieval days. But of course before you can be elevated to such a divine position you must play the game of thrones. That game will be called Mount & Blade: Warband.

Set to be released onto the Xbox One next month Mount & Blade: Warband will see you using all of your political and savage skills to ascend to the highest seat in the land. To get there you will have to marry for political reasons, not for anything as silly as love. You will have to explore the giant open world and compete in small skirmishes and epic battles. You will also have to bestow titles on your allies to gain their favour.mountandblade2

There is also a little something else included in Mount & Blade: Warband that might be of interest. There is a multiplayer mode that includes combat with up to 32 other people. That’s a lot of slaying to be done, both up close and at range.

Mount & Blade: Warband is set to be released onto the Xbox One on September 16th so polish your sword and mount up for this epic encounter.

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