HITMAN – Episode 4: Bangkok Is Here

Today we see the launch of the next episode for HITMAN – previous episodes have had us attended fancy modelling conventions, a beautiful town in Paris and of course the busy streets of Marrakesh, the fourth episode will see Agent 47 packing his bags and flying over to Thailand where he will be making a stop in Bangkok.

Episode 4 will put us into the new location of a luxury hotel and resort which as always you can expect to find new weapons, opportunities and disguises everything you need to come up with the most creative way of killing the targets – speaking of which this time around you will be set with the task of killing two targets, number one is a lead singer for a world-renowned rock band Mr Jordan Cross and the second target is his trusted lawyer Ken Morgan.

With the release of the fourth episode we also have some changes within the game such as a more detailed weapon view which many fans have request and another much request feature (One I have wanted since launch) is the ability to lookup contracts making it easier to play one a friend may have created or for someone to find a contract you have made.

Here is the trailer for the latest episode.

So be sure to let us know what you think of the new map and targets, happy hunting!

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