Gears of War 4 – Gamescom 4K Gameplay Debut

So with Gamescom underway this year and a few trailers dropping, The creators of Gears of war 4 (The Coalition) decided it was their turn.

They dropped a 4K game-play video of the new gears game (Gears 4) that sees the gears squad that is led by JD Fenix go through what looks like a church and graveyard that has new and old forms of locust along the way,

During the game-play they show off classic weapons like the chainsaw and that all important shotgun and new unique weapons like the buzzkill. Whilst it shows off new weapons they also give us an insight of the new ways to play gears 4 like using pods for cover and pulling enemies over the barrier and using a shiv like knife to kill them.

The 4K game play debut itself looks beautiful and doesn’t disappoint showing off great visuals from JD taking cover whilst being under fire to an enemy getting stabbed right in the throat,

Who doesn’t love a bit of overkill violence right? The game looks like it runs flawlessly and looks amazing ┬ábut do take note this 4K game-play debut is captured off a windows 10 PC with an NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPU. But if this is anything to go by the game will look great regardless of whether it is on PC or Xbox One, What do you guys think, let us know in the comments below.

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