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Since the last of the planned Halo 5: Guardians updates – Firefight – things have been pretty quiet on the Halo 5 front, with attention shifting to Halo Wars 2. Quiet, but not silent. We can still expect more content for Halo 5, and this week’s Community Update sheds a little light on what we can expect.

First up is Halo 5 Forge for Windows 10, which will bring the much vaunted creation tool to Windows PCs for the first time. We admit we love Forge but we just can’t seem to find the time to tinker with it, so having it right there on our desktops when we should be working is something we’re both excited for, and dreading.

“Halo 5 Forge for Windows 10… will of course include support for mouse and keyboard as well as optimized Forge controls, 4K support, the ability to play custom games while wearing your KBMOD t-shirt, and more (for free!)”

~ 343 Industries

Of course, for many Forge is just the icing on the cake that was the constant stream of substantial – and free – updates to Halo 5 : Guardians since launch last October. Those missing their (more or less) monthly fixes have something to look forward to, as 343 Industries as in the very early stages of talking about the next content update.

“The next Halo 5 content release will include a variety of goodness, with new places to play, new REQs to wreak havoc with, and more. New objects and features are coming to the world of Forge. Also included (and my personal favorite) is the Halo 5 Content Browser, which will let players on both platforms discover incredible community-created content with new file options, linked screenshots, prefabs, filters, trending maps, and more. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing the name, release date, and full contents of this next update.”

~ 343 Industries

Rest assured, Spartans, as soon as we have news, you’ll have news.

Those of us of an extreme Halo bent will probably know all about the Halo Legendary Lootcrateyour opportunity for boxes of Halo goodness to be delivered to your door. What you may have missed is that one lucky subscriber – just one – will get the Mythic Crate, full of incredible Halo memorabilia including Agent Locke’s ACTUAL HELMET from Halo: Nightfall. Oh, we want this so much. Please please please please please please.


Finally, Halo Wars 2 marches ever onwards, with those lucky enough to be heading to Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, next week able to get their hands on the game for an extended play. 343 Industries have also been forthcoming on the way the Beta has been useful in shaping the game. If you ever think that a Beta is no more than a marketing tactic (and, honestly, sometimes they are) Dan’s article on Waypoint makes for interesting reading.

And that’s all for this week, Spartans. Head on over to Halo Waypoint for the full rundown.

See you in the Warzone, Spartans!

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