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Do you want some Overwatch news? well this is the place to be as we have a ton to talk about regarding one of the most popular FPS games out right now. The first piece of news to get into is that Overwatch is getting a World Cup – National teams from each continent will be put into groups and commence in battle, the best of the best will progress to BlizzCon, the competition right now is the vote stage where you can vote for who you wish to represent your country – information about the players will be present to help you choose, players will range from pro’s, community personalities and players who ranked highly in the first stage of competitive play. Each player will be paid an appearance fee plus travel and lodging expenses!


Next in Overwatch news is confirmation of two new features – the focus right now is competitive changes and matchmaking improvements but work is in progress for two of the highly requested features wanted by fans – the studio has confirmed that they are working on a spectator mode and some sort of replay feature, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan said ‘We are very exited to get the opportunity to work on both of the features  – a replay system and a spectate only mode’ the team is also working on another feature Kaplan went on to say ‘We are also working on the ability to save highlights’ with no set date for these changes we aren’t sure when to expect to see them in game but it is good to know they are being worked on and we will defiantly see them in the future.


Buffs and nerfs aren’t new to Overwatch but here are the recent characters being talked about, it would seem discussion of Mercy and Mei to get buffs and a possible nerf for Zenyatta – principal designer Geoff Goodman has been discussing some possible change ideas for our heroes. In a thread regarding Zenyatta he had this to say ‘Zenyatta is definitely playing a lot better these days. At this point anecdotal feedback, internal stats and competative feedback are showing he is actually a bit ‘too’ strong at the moment. At this point we’re looking likely to reduce some of his power in an upcoming patch, probably related to his discord orb’

In regards to Mei and Mercy Goodman thinks a tweak to Mei’s ultimate ability is necessary he had this to say about it ‘currently her ult can feel a but unwieldy and inconsistent, especially when you compare it to other similar ults such as Reinhardts. We’re internally testing allowing the ultimate projectile she throws to pierce barriers and increasing the radius a bit’

Mercy  has long been a hero fans have discussed when it comes to getting some type of buff – her character has been surrounded by ideas regarding changing the power of her alternate attack and even changing her abilities, Goodman had some thoughts on the idea of abilities being changed ‘If she were to get a new ability it would ideally have to be something that she could use more outside of combat or something that is generally used much more rarely, that said there are some things we can do to help her out in the near future’


Final news regarding Overwatch is nothing gameplay related but for those of you that are fans of the lore that surrounds the game you are in luck as next Thursday we get the newest animated short named ‘The Last Bastion’ which as I’m sure you can guess tells the story of Bastion – it will tell the origin story of the hero and we follow the battle automaton as it reactivates after laying formant in the wilderness for over a decade (Maybe we will see him meet his little bird friend)

That is it folks! all the Overwatch news you need to know -How do you feel about the possible nerfs and buffs, do you agree or are others characters in need of tweaks instead? Also will you be voting for the world cup and are you looking forward to the new incoming features, feel free to let us know in the comments!

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