Rumour: CoD MW2 Seen On Xbox One Again

A few months ago it was rumoured that Modern Warfare 2 would be coming to backwards compatibility following the announcement of Modern Warfare’s release with Infinite Warfare. Some people have reported seeing the game on the backwards compatible list on Xbox One.

Modern Warfare 2 has once again been spotted on an Italian website called Game Experience as they found the screenshots and images while searching through the Game DVR and Upload Studio. Unfortunately they are not solid proof that Modern Warfare 2 is actually coming to backwards compatibility, but what is interesting is it seems the clips and images are from the official Call of Duty page


Maybe it will be coming to backwards compatibility in the near future, or on the new COD release, what do you think of it?


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3 thoughts on “Rumour: CoD MW2 Seen On Xbox One Again”

  1. Lee says:

    @CallofDuty its the best cod so hopefully it does arrive in the backwards compatible list. #codarmy

  2. SSJ4 says:

    @CallofDuty @MrLaBiche

  3. SSJ4 says:

    @CallofDuty @RpLayy

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