Microsoft Already Developing Project Scorpio, Says Phil Spencer

Now that the release of Microsoft’s Xbox One S has caused a serious stir, with stores rapidly selling out of the slimline console, eyes are starting to dance towards the company’s next console.

Unveiled at E3 2016, after months of rumours and speculations, Project Scorpio has captured the attention of those looking for a high-end console; the most powerful console ever shipped – according to Phil Spencer, anyway.

So how is the project coming along?

Asked by a fan on Twitter, Phil Spencer told it like it is…

Now that might not be unexpected – Scorpio is due to drop around next year’s Christmas period – but it’s great to have confirmation that console development is well underway. However, what should interest players is the reference to games.

Spencer has made a big deal of Project Scorpio, and the Xbox brand, going beyond generations; of leaving no gamer behind. It’s currently unknown whether Spencer, Head of Xbox, is referring to games designed specifically for Project Scorpio (which can be scaled down for use on the original Xbox One and Xbox One S). It’s something Microsoft has previously denied, stating that games will work across all Xbox platforms.

We’ll keep watching as this develops.

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