Pointless Things We Do In Video Games

Video games are serious business. We have worlds to save, damsels to rescue bad guys to slay and achievements to unlock. But whilst doing all of these things we always make time to do a few other things in games that aren’t nearly as vital, well not in the grand scheme of things anyway but to us they are things that we must do, mostly just to see what happens.

Here is a list of some of the things that don’t really help us along our way but we still can’t help doing anyway.

Can you fall off ledges?

In video games there are a great many things that can kill us, mostly bad guys with guns or maybe a really big hammer or some other such instrument of death. One thing we do have to check however is if getting to close to the edge of a mountain or cliff will lead us to falling off or will some magic invisible wall save us from such an embarrassing fate. This is vital research as we all need to know the perils that we face as we go along our merry way.

Can you kill NPC’s?

As we work our way through the beautiful worlds created by developers we come across a great number of NPC’s who often serve no other purpose than to make the world look full and to give the game a little bit of extra life. One thing that we need to know at the start of any game that we play is whether or not we can kill or at the very least generate some angst from said NPC. Sometimes we will unload an entire clip in to one of these placid little guys just to see what will happen.

Can you damage the environment?

One of the first things that we will do when we acquire our first gun in any game is to shoot a wall or door to see what will happen. Will our deadly bullets leave a mark or not? And if they do, let the fun commence. We will then proceed to draw a smiley face or err… something else just to show off our artistic skills.

Can you walk to the edge of the world? (How does the world end?)

Sometimes we need a little bit of respite from the action and what better way to do this than to take a little stroll. Modern open world games are massive but that been said, still they must end. So off we go, walking all the way to the edge of the world to see how the developer has decided to end the world. Will there just be an invisible wall? Will it turn out that all the land is surrounded by sea, as is always the case in the real world, or will there be a giant mountain range that we just can’t scale? We need to know and we will walk for ours just to find out.

Does opening the inventory pause the game?

Now, this article is called pointless things that we do but this one isn’t really that ;pointless. It is an essential piece of information to know, if we decide to change weapon in the middle of combat will the game pause or will we still be vulnerable to damage? This is vital because if the game doesn’t pause then we will need to find a safe place to hide while we make any of the required adjustments.


Do we have feet?

The final point on our list is indisputably pointless. Dow we have feet? It makes no difference what so ever to the game but we always, without fail, look down to see if we can see our own feet or are we just a hovering gun. Most of the time the answer is a simple no, we can’t see our feet. But sometimes we can see our little tootsies and this fills us with a sense of happiness that even our first born can’t inspire in us. We don’t now why but we just like to see our shoes, complete with laces and the dirt of whatever wasteland we are trekking through at the time.

That’s the end of our list for now but if there are any other pointless things that you do in video games that we haven’t mentioned here then feel free to let us know in the comment section below and mark our words, we’ll be sure to give it a go in our next run through of whatever game we’re playing at the time.

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