How To Upgrade Your Xbox One’s Storage

Anyone who has put some time in games on their Xbox One has probably come a crossroads on what to delete to make room for new games or content.  Microsoft made it clear that the Xbox One’s internal storage is not replaceable but they have given players the ability to use external USB storage.  The question is “what do you look for?”

Unfortunately you cannot just grab any external and plug it up for additional storage.  Microsoft’s minimum requirements for an external drive are as follows:

  • USB 3.0 connection
  • 256GB minimum storage space.
  • 5400RPM drive speed.

The built in hard drive in your Xbox One (Xbox One S not included) is a 5400 RPM drive with data transfer speeds, also know as bus, slower than USB 3.0.  This mean almost any external HDD that meets these requirements should outperform the drive you currently have.  This will help reduce load times as well as installs.  Just don’t expect drastic results.  Once you have a drive, there are some things to do to set it up.

First you have to power on the Xbox One and plug in the external storage device into one the USB 3.0 ports on the console.

Once the drive is connected, a notification should appear on the Xbox screen. Press the Menu button to proceed to the setup screen, or select it manually by navigating to:

Settings > System > Manage Storage

Lastly, select the drive and at the bottom, highlight Format for Games & Apps option and press A.

Once the drive is formatted and configured, power down and restart your console.  This is not a required step but it is really recommended.

Once the XB1 restarts, the total sum of available space (between both the internal and external drives) should be displayed on the Games and Apps screen. You can now install games, apps and all of your other content to either the internal or external storage devices on your Xbox One.

 Have you upgraded your console’s storage?  Have you seen better performance after doing so?  Let us know in the comment section below!
Source: IGN

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