N64 Emulator appears as Universal Windows App on Win10 store

Universal Windows Apps are coming to Xbox as part of the summer update programme, which – alongside the Windows 10 Anniversary Update – will bring a whole host of new features to Xbox One.

The Windows 10 Store hasn’t – yet – succumbed to the tidal wave of shoddy and fake apps that you might find in, for example, another company’s Play store but there are certainly a few oddities that you might be surprised to find in a Microsoft-curated store front.

One of these is Win64e10 – a Nintendo 64 emulator that runs on Windows 10 PCs.

Mario Kart 64

Of course, the whole area of games console emulation is one that’s worthy of examination – but that’s a post for a later date.

What we are interested here is that – according to Reddit – the emulator runs on Xbox One consoles that are part of the Preview programme. We have been unable to replicate this. Neither has most of those on the thread and, tellingly, the Win64e10’s developer hasn’t either.

Nintendo 64 Emulator

So, if this is a non-story, why are we bringing this to you? Up until now, the Xbox Store has been an entirely closed system, curated by Xbox boffins and full of software that runs almost (we’re looking at you, Bethesda) flawlessly. The Windows 10 store, while not exactly a wild west, is a little bit looser. We know that there are still hoops that need to be jumped through, but until everything’s in place anomalies like this are sure to appear. And we know there are more plausible Universal Windows Apps heading our way – Skype and Netflix among them – and that lends weight to this particular story.

In truth, this instance feels, to us, like it could be a developer looking to encourage a few more purchases of his app (to be clear, we’re not saying that is what’s happened, but it does feel that way) and it’s an example of how we, as gamers, might need to be a little bit more careful as the Xbox Store begins to embrace Universal Windows Platform apps.

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