Lose Your Gamertag if You Don’t Sign into Xbox Every 5 Years

When was the last time you signed into Xbox Live? If it was more than five years ago, you might want to consider logging in or risk losing access to your account.

Microsoft have recently updated their service agreement – you know, all the dull small print most Xboxers don’t read – and part of this update included the proviso that if you intend to keep your Xbox-associated Microsoft account, i.e., your gamer tag, you’ll need to sign in once every five years.

If you don’t sign in over that time period, it’s bye-bye account access. Microsoft have confirmed, also, that the new rules is strictly limited to the gamertag itself; won’t affect any purchases you’ve made using that account.

According to Microsoft:

You must sign into the Xbox Services at least once in a 5-year period to keep the Xbox gamertag associated with your Microsoft account. We’ve also added that if your account is compromised, we may be required to disable access to certain content.

It’s not currently known whether this new rule will be applied retrospectively to Xbox accounts that have been festering, unloved and unused since 2011, although it’s fair bet that they will. After that, expect Microsoft to recycle your gamer tag, ready for someone else to use – the new agreement also includes Skype accounts that haven’t been used in that time frame.

There’s a possibility you’ll be able to retrieve your gamertag should you let your account lapse, but to be on the safe side, if you have any old Xbox accounts that you don’t want to lose, it’s best to sign in – at least so you can still access them at a later date.

The new service agreement comes into effect on 15th September 2016.

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