Layers Of Fear Inheritance DLC coming soon

Good horror games seem to be hard to come by so when Layers Of Fear hit consoles many horror fans rejoiced as it seemed we finally had a horror game that would actually send chills down our spines. Having completed the game, we thought the horrors of the house were finally behind us but Layers Of Fear – Inheritance DLC will plunge us back into the madhouse.

The DLC will see us take the role of the original protagonists daughter who as the name suggests inherits the old Victorian house and must explore its secrets to discover the family history. The gameplay is said to expand from what we already know about the house and its inhabitants, the daughter we play as will learn more about her father and the things he did – was he a terrible, evil man? Or just a victim of his own mind?

The DLC is available on 2 August – let us know if you are exited to revisit the madness of this old Victorian house.

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