Telltale Unveils Crowdplay Feature In Batman

Telltales upcoming Batman game will premiere a brand new feature, a multiplayer Crowdplay feature where groups of players can vote on choices.

The feature was announced at the San Diego Comic Con over the weekend.

Upon selecting Crowd Play, the host is given a URL. Their friends can then go to that URL and login, adding them to the game. I’m not sure if this is included on console or whether it’s just a PC option.

Crowd Play then offers two modes. In one mode the host has complete control over decisions, but they’re able to see what percentage of spectators choose which options. Viewers are also allowed to leave thumbs up or thumbs down reactions to the host’s decisions.

Another mode actually lets the spectators vote on what they’d like to see and the majority ruling goes into play.

In an interview with Inverse, Telltale head of creative communications Job Stauffer said,

“A lot of us grew up playing with friends or family members crowded around one screen, going through the story and talking to the characters, with [everyone] pointing at certain objects or where to click or deciding what to say,”

Crowd play will be able to support up to 2000 players.

Due to latency issues, Telltale have reported that crowd play will not be able to be streamed. Hopefully the issue gets ironed out over time as Telltale plan to implement crowd play into future titles.

Telltale’s batman series begins on August 2nd 2016 for Console, PC and Mobile.



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