Destiny 2.3.1 Rolls Out Today

Destiny players are a bit puzzled about today’s patch.

Destiny will updated to version update 2.3.1 today – a patch we know very little about.

Starting from 6pm BST July 26, Destiny players will find the update waiting for them when they attempt to log on. Those who haven’t grabbed it within four hours will be logged out with the WEASEL error code, and will have to patch before they can get back in.

No Destiny downtime is expected, which suggests the patch content won’t be very big or dramatic. That’s about all the meaningful conclusions we’re able to draw, to be honest; Bungie hasn’t provided any notes on this one, which also suggests it will be pretty minor, as the developer usually discusses balance and content changes well in advance.

So we’re expecting some bug and stability fixes, mostly; perhaps an uptick in ship drop rates, and the retraction of premium content accidentally made free on Xbox. Still, I’m not ruling out a few surprises. Destiny players have been surprised before.

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Mike "Nanaki VIII" Riley

Hey I'm Mike Riley, I've been gaming for 20+ years and I'm still loving it!!

One thought on “Destiny 2.3.1 Rolls Out Today

  • 26/07/2016 at 10:02 am

    it’s 18:00 bst isn’t it? Thought the 10am time was Pacific and we’re 8hrs ahead of them, they normally run reset then patch?

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