GTA 5 Could Be Getting Biker DLC

GTA 5v is the game that just keeps on giving. Since its release in 2013 there have been so many pieces of free DLC that it puts most other developers to shame. Well Rockstar are at it again it seems and this time they have really been listening to their fans.

One of the most requested pieces of DLC was one focused on a biker gang. Well an eagle eyed little squirrel called TezFunz has spotted some code that would suggest that a biker DLC is definitely on its way.gtabikerscode

It is fairly obvious what the biker section of the code refers to and TedFunz explains that the gb part refers to the previous CEO and VIP missions. But there is also more hidden in this little string of code. The top line am_mp_personal-mod-garage refers to property that you will be able to buy with this new DLC.

This new garage feature that you will be able to buy and customise will most likely work as a base of operations for your gang, much like the properties worked in the CEO DLC. It looks as if the ideas applied to the CEO DLC will also be applied here which would make a lot of sense. After all, if Sons of Anarchy has taught us anything it is that a biker gang is pretty much a business, if not a very legal or nice one.gtabikers4TedFunz can be seen as something of a trusted source as he has been right on several things in the past including what game modes would be coming and about the Lowriders DLC. That been said we currently have no official word from Rockstar therefore have no idea when the DLC will actually be released.

This DLC could be set to be one of the most popular yet for the game as it will incorporate things that players have already been doing in an unofficial way in the game. Biker gangs are already a plenty in the Online world, now they will just have a place to call their own.

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