Xbox Notifies You After Playing Too Long

It seems Xbox has done the right thing and included in its new preview program UPDATE (that will be rolling out to all August 2nd to all) a notification reminding you of the problems with long spells of gameplay. It reads:

“Excessive game playing may cause problems in your daily life.”

If you have played a handheld gaming systems such as Nintendo 3DS, you will be fully aware of the very intrusive notifications that pop up after 30 – 60 minutes “You’ve been playing for a while now, why don’t you take a break?”

While playing backwards compatible Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Reddit user, iBobaFett recieved this notification:


To be honest I think this a good thing, sometimes as gamer, me included, you can get a little too involved into a game for long periods of time, if anything else this is a great notification to take a break, pop to the loo, grab a drink or get out into the real world!

Let us know what you think about the new feature in the comments below!


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