A Look Into the Gears of War 4 Campaign

Marcus Fenix is back fighting alongside his son (JD), Kait and Del as they track a new threat called the Swarm. It’s been 25 years since he kicked the Locust ass.

Sadly though, JD is the main playable character and it is confirmed that Marcus Fenix is only playable in the Multiplayer Campaign and Horde mode. Horde mode was last seen on Gears of War 2, now it makes a re appearance on Gears 4.

Here is a 7 minute campaign gameplay video.



The group is chasing the swarm after it destroyed a village and abducted Kait’s mother, as the group are making their way to the Dam they learn what happened to all the Locust that were killed during the past Gears games. Buried in mass graves, numbering up to the dozens, possibly even hundreds all buried together, maybe all of them infested by the Swarm.

The cover based gameplay that the gears fans love is still present and even more necessary than before. The Coalition has added environmental engagements including dynamic destruction of fixtures in the map. The group have to fight through a wind flare; in turn they have to avoid flying debris that can be fatal. Dislodge large pipes to send them flying into enemies, mind your head though, you don’t want to be the one calling for help. As seen in the video, your weapons also get affected by the high winds, watch as the buzzkill blades get carried off course by the cross winds.

Grenades can also be blown back at you if you’re not careful.

The campaign clip ends with you dodging lightning strikes from the wind flare.

Here we have a glimpse of one of the multiplayer maps called Forge, sadly not a map editor, just a map.

Looks like Gears of War 4 is looking good and is looking to live up to its name along with the previous games in the franchise.

Gears of War 4 is due for release October 11th 2016 

Source: appy-gamer.com

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