Background Music Will Be From The Guide

Background Music has been a fan favourite from the good old days of the Xbox 360, unfortunately due to the software limitations and putting other updates first due to priority it has taken some time, but the feature is coming very soon, August 2nd in fact.

A new image has emerged showing this awesome feature will be used from the guide, this location makes sense of course because of its ease of use, check out the pic:


Looks good right?

There will hopefully be enough apps to stream your music direct to your Xbox, of course you can use a CD, and if it’s exactly the same as the Xbox 360 version you can copy the music straight from Disc to be used anytime.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, are you looking forward to this feature and do use for music?

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Mike "Nanaki VIII" Riley

Hey I'm Mike Riley, I've been gaming for 20+ years and I'm still loving it!!

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