Xbox Beta App for Win 10 gets excellent update

Xbox App

Most folks will be at least aware of the Xbox App – the companion app to our favourite console that’s available on just about every device out there (no love for OSX yet, but you never know).

If you’re a Windows 10 user, though, you’re in for a special treat if you pick up the Xbox Beta App from the store (the Beta App runs happily alongside the standard one, if you are worried about relying on beta software) as it’s just received a rather excellent new update.

We’ve been running the Xbox Beta App since day one (September 2015) and we love it – it keeps pace with the Preview Programme and lets you test upcoming features before they roll out to the masses. You don’t need to be a Preview Programme member to use the Xbox Beta App – it’s an open beta so all Windows 10 users can get their hands on it.

This new update adds a host of new features, including some long-sought by the community.

Xbox App Beta update list

First up, it’s now easier than ever to edit your GameDVR clips (apparently – for the life of us we can’t find this option! We’ve reached out to Microsoft on this. Do let us know if you figure it out!)

More interestingly, the Xbox Beta App now comes with Twitter integration. A quick trip to Settings will allow you to link your Twitter account and open up a whole new world of sharing your content. Sharing video and screenshots to Twitter is now easier than ever – from the App you can select a clip, and add text, hashtags and even links before tweeting out to your adoring fanbase (or, you know, your Mum. Hi Mum!)

The content you share still links back to your Xbox account, but at least this means your screenshots are available to everyone in their full resolution glory. Good job, boffins!

Linking your Twitter account will also automatically Tweet out your achievements and captures (clips and screenshots). Twitter differs from Facebook integration, though, as it doesn’t trawl through your followers – or those you are following – and link those folks to your Xbox Live Friends list. There is now, though, better integration between the Xbox Beta App and the Windows 10 People App. Dig around in the People App settings and you’ll find the option to show your Xbox Live friends in the People App – this now creates new People app entries for Xbox Live folks who are not already in the People list.

People App settings

Customising your profile is now much more fully-featured. While the standard app lets you change your background colour, Gamertag (directs you to to purchase a Gamertag change), Name Sharing settings, and swap gamerpics, the updated Xbox Beta App also lets you change your location and bio. Up ’til now this could only be edited on Customising your Avatar still requires the separate Xbox Avatars app.


Finally, Xbox boffins have overhauled the ‘suggested friends‘ algorithms so suggestions are now tilted much more towards friends of friends rather than Xbox Live personalities – you’re now much more likely to get meaningful suggestions for new friends to play with on Xbox Live.

This new Xbox Beta App – version 19.19.16004.00000 – is available to download from the Windows 10 store. The Mobile version is still at version 15.18.1012 and doesn’t include any of the new enhancements – yet.

Do you use the Xbox App on Windows 10? Have you tried the Beta? Let us know!

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