World Of Tanks Celebrates 100 Years of The Tank

It is 100 years since the first tank rolled off the production line (that production line was about 1 mile from where this humble writer sits) and to celebrate World of Tanks have some special little prizes for you. This means that you too can celebrate in the best tankish style.

The top prize that you can unlock is the French Tier VIII AMX Chasseur de chars medium tank, this little beauty packs something of a punch with its high fire power and fast aiming. It does however only have light armor meaning that you will have to pick your moment to dart out and pick your target.worldoftanks1To get involved in the fight for the AMX all you need to do is go into battle in any Tier III–X vehicle from any nation. Then all you have to do is fight for every little bit of XP that you can get because as we all know, points mean prizes. You will be rewarded on the way for reaching certain milestones with things such as consumables, Premium Account time, and XP boosts. Eventually you could work your way all the way up to the grand prize, the French Tier VIII AMX Chasseur de chars medium tank.

The CDC event runs until July 29 so off you go tankers, destroy with glee and strive for that prize that you deserve.

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