Minecraft: Story Mode’s Episode 7 Release Date Revealed

Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode has almost come to an end, unless the studio decides to release a few more episodes, as they did after the initial five-episode run of the original tale. Now, the penultimate 7th episode, entitled ‘Access Denied’, finally has a release date – and there’s a mercifully short wait until it’s out.

Usually, with episodic games, it can feel like you’re waiting half-a-year for the next instalment, but the ‘Access Denied’ episode will be coming to Xbox One on Tuesday 26th July. That’s just under two months since the last episode was released, meaning fans can dive back into the choice-based interactive narrative without too much delay.

Minecraft Episode 7

Fans can also look forward to a special guest star in episode 7 of Minecraft: Story Mode – a game already replete with big-name voice actors, like Patton Oswalt, Ashley Johnson and Dave Fennoy will welcome Yvette Nicole Brown to the crew.

For those not in the loop, Brown plays Shirley in the hit comedy Community. In Minecraft: Story Mode, she’ll be playing an altogether different character – Harper, a fugitive inventor currently in hiding after the creation of PAMA, which has the power to control the world.

The only question remaining is, will ‘Access Denied’ build on the success of the previous 6 episodes?

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