Overwatch ‘Skin’ Marked Inappropriate by Hindu Spokesman

Since its release Overwatch has become a huge success and a great hit among gamers – Popularity brings attention and that would seem to be the case with this story. A Hindu man named Rajan Zed (Known spokesman within the Hindu Religion) has spoken up about one of the Symmetra skins within the game named ‘Devi’ asking for it to be removed.

Rajan Zed is asking for the skin to be removed as he states it is inappropriate and disrespectful towards the Hindu community, reasons being that ‘Devi’ is a revered Hindu Goddess, the skin itself is based from the goddess. Rajan says that the style and overall representation of the character does not match up with the characterization of the goddess found in the scriptures.


One of the main issues with the skin is the fact that we as the player can control her whereas in reality devottees “put the destinies of themselves in the hands of their goddesses”.  Rajan hopes that game developers will be more cautious and do extended research when using the likeness or representing a character based upon a religious figure, as it can create confusion and disrespect if they are represented wrong.

Blizzard are yet to comment on the matter but do you have any thoughts on the skin? Would you like to see it remain in game or be removed? Let us know!

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