Xbox One: The Console That Loves Everyone Equally

Ok, so that title could seem kind of misleading, it’s not really the actual console itself that we’ll be referring to here but rather the team behind the Xbox One.

Obviously owning an Xbox One puts you in a very good place for gaming. The online service may cost around £40 a year but you get a lot for your money with Xbox Live The servers are solid; sure they are targeted from time to time and have the occasional failure, but all in all they serve their purpose exceptionally well and generally hold up better than the competition.

Of course, one of the biggest positives on the side of Xbox’s online services is the Games With Gold programme, which grants gamers four free games every month! Alongside that, let’s not neglect the fact that Xbox value fan input, leading to the introduction of the Backwards Compatibility programme, and reintroducing background music in an upcoming system update.

As well as providing exceptional online service and doing their best to guarantee customer satisfaction, the masterminds behind the Xbox One seem to be a very open minded group of people. Take this Tweet from the official Xbox UK Twitter account last month for example:

This was of course in recognition of Pride 2016, the primary celebration of which was on the weekend of 25th-26th June this year.

However, what makes Xbox stand out from their competitors, whether that be other consoles or brands outside of Microsoft, is their willingness to form business partnerships and do things outside of the norm.

For some clarity let’s take the example of cross-play. It is common knowledge that Xbox are open to the idea of cross play with their primary console rivals, Sony’s PlayStation 4. They have already shown that cross play is possible, with the Xbox One and PS4 both being able to cross-play with Psyonix’s Rocket League on Windows. Yet those cross-playing from consoles with Windows cannot cross-play with each other.

This, however, isn’t through a lack of trying on the part of the Xbox development and promotional teams, with various people associated with the Xbox hardware and software stating they’d be open to talks about cross play between the two platforms.

This isn’t PlayStation bashing – we might be an Xbox site but we love all games – but where we see a missed opportunity like this, we’re going to call it. From the fans’ point of view this would surely be a brilliant addition to the online services of each platform, allowing those who own Xbox Ones to game with their more PlayStation minded brethren.

Perhaps the logistics of it would present more problems than opportunities for both sides, possibly overloading the online servers and causing them to spend more time in maintenance than actually supporting online play. Maybe it’s a financial decision of Sony’s that they don’t see any business sense in becoming bedfellows with their competitors. Or maybe it’s simply a case that they simply don’t want to.

It’s obviously something that gaming fans who support the idea can continue to hope for!


Outside of the ongoing cross play debate there are other partnerships that Xbox are open to. Just this week Microsoft’s own Phil Spencer opened a whole new can of worms on Twitter.

If the PS4 is Xbox One’s primary console competitor then the Mac must surely be considered the ultimate rival of Window’s based PCs. This doesn’t stop Phil Spencer from wanting to spread the Xbox’s reach to that platform though, as evidenced by this Tweet:

So, in conclusion, what can we say? The team behind Xbox do what they can to listen to the wishes of the community, then do everything they can to prioritise those wishes and make them a reality. The services presented to those who own Xboxes are of an exceptional quality and offer something no other platform can match.

Not only do they listen to fans’ wishes but they try to innovate with new features. Take for example the recently announced Play Anywhere service which will see gamers buy selected titles on either Windows or Xbox One and receive a copy for the corresponding platform absolutely free!

As well as their continued efforts to innovate, the willingness to open business partnerships to better their product is a great thing to see as a fan of the Xbox One console.

Put all of these factors together and the Xbox One is truly a place where gamers can jump ahead and enjoy every aspect of their gaming experience!

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Bryan O'Shea

I was going to update this to say that I had recovered from my Destiny addiction. Unfortunately Rise of Iron has since happened so yeah.....

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