SCUF Infinity1 Controller Review

There’s something fundamentally joyful about picking up a controller and settling down to play a game. We might shout “Xbox On” while we hunt for our Red Dead Redemption disc, but the game only begins when we pick up that controller, and it nestles into our palms.

We’re an Xbox website (you may have noticed) but we play across all consoles and PC and, for us, the standard Xbox One controller is just about perfect. But we play a lot of games, and spend a lot of time with a controller in our hands, so we – like many others – have really bought into the idea of a more advanced, more customisable, more comfortable controller.




And why not? SCUF Gaming has been around since 2010, and for the past few years has really hit the scene in a big way. You can read how far they have come right hereWith the unexpected success of the Elite Controller, more people are open to the idea that the standard controller – as good as it is – might not offer the ultimate experience. And when it comes to high-end competition-grade controllers, SCUF have been doing it for far longer than Microsoft.

The SCUF range is broad and there’s a model to suit every budget – as long as that budget isn’t “cheap.” SCUF is offering a premium product – so expect to pay a premium price. Here we’re looking at one of their top-tier offerings – the SCUF Infinity1 Hulk.

This is a professional controller for people who take their game seriously. The beauty of the SCUF approach is that you pick and choose the components that make up your controller as part of the order process – making it uniquely yours.

The Infinity1 range starts at £111.99, but the more you add, the higher the price. We wanted to stay out the stratosphere, though, and instead opted for some sensible upgrades that brought the controller’s feature list in line with some other premium offerings, but kept the price under £150.

Here’s our spec list.


After ordering, the controller arrived very quickly – just five days in fact- and was well packaged. As soon as we picked it up it felt reassuringly solid and grippy, while the optional paddles were placed just where we expected to find them. Time, then, to put it through its paces, on everything from FIFA to Overwatch.

The overall feel of the controller is fantastic. The rubbery plastic on the side grips are perfect and just what we expected – and this grippy finish really helps during those long gaming sessions. As you can see from the pictures, we have chosen the partial covering option for the grips, but you can choose to cover the whole underside of the controller if that’s what you really want.

The adjustable hair triggers – adjustment is by way of the included SCUF key – provides a significant degree of customisation as you can adjust the tension in each trigger to get exactly the  feel you are looking for.

The thumb-sticks come in various lengths, shapes and of course colours to suit all. Thumb-sticks can be swapped out in a matter of seconds without tools, thanks to the innovative Lock system SCUF employs.


The SCUF Infinity Paddle Control System is fully modular and interchangeable -what that really means is there is no need to mess around unscrewing things when you want to make a change. You can choose to play with 0-4 paddles – the SCUF Infinity1 features AXE Infinity1 paddles which have a larger surface area for more activation points, and are slightly raised. I’m size medium in gloves and The AXE paddles seemed perfect for my hands.

The EMR – that’s The innovative Electro-Magnetic Remapping – is an essential feature for those who enjoy playing multiple games and not single types with their SCUF Controller. Apply the EMR to the back of the controller, depress the button you want to map to a paddle, and the paddle to which you are remapping. You can remap the function of all four paddles in just a matter of seconds.

The EMR option is an additional £11.99, but worth it – it makes remapping the paddles impossibly quick and easy. It’s just plain cool.


The Ring and Lock system allows you to replace thumb-sticks easily – really easily – on the Infinity1 controller. The Rings are fully removable and of course come in various colour options. Constructed from high-grade self-lubricating materials they provide a pro-grade finish that ensures thumb-sticks glide on contact.

Overall the The SCUF Infinity1 range is perfect for gamers who want to a controller that’s built to their exact specifications. There’s virtually no limit – you pick the colour, design and configuration when ordering and there’s more than enough choice to satisfy even the pickiest amongst us. With the complete range of accessories available from SCUF, you’re not stuck with one setup – pick yourself up some new thumb-sticks, D-pads, Control Discs, Trims and more whenever you feel like a change.

There’s no getting away from it – a fully spec’d SCUF Infinity1 is a pricey proposition that won’t be for everyone. But if you are serious about your gaming and want a controller that’s tailored to your exact requirements, the SCUF Infinity1 will be a source of joy for a long, long time.

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Pricey but great, the Infinity1 offers a pro-grade controller tailored to your exact needs.
  • Overall


If you’re contemplating spending upwards of £120 on a controller it’s a fair bet you already recognise the importance of the device you hold in your hands. At Xbox One UK we let our readers decide whether any product offers value – that’s such a personal judgement. What we can say, though, is that anyone who chooses a SCUF Infinity1 will have no regrets. This is a controller that will offer many, many hours of joy. We’e not parting with ours!

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