So How Long Will ReCore Be?

ReCore is the beautiful looking action adventure game currently been developed by Armature Studios for Microsoft. The game is set to be released in September and the closer we get the more we here about it.

Co-Creator Mark Pacini has been talking recently about the length of the game and now he has tried to get a little specific. Tried is the important word here as in the past he has been very wrong about the length of his games. Even by his own admissions is estimates are terrible. So with that been said, Picini says that ReCore will be about 8 hours in length.

“I’m horrible at gameplay hours. With the first Metroid I said it was going to be eight hours and it ended up being something like 24. I think we’ve put a lot of value into this game, though. It’s the proper length of time for the adventure, the story we’re trying to tell. Take that with a grain of salt, knowing I’m horrible at estimate. It’s eight hours, and take that with a warning”.recorefaceReCore is currently slated to be released on September 13th of this year. And it could be eight hours long, it could be but it might not be. What do you think, how accurate is Mr. Pacini’s prediction this time? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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