Competition winner sets up Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL5000

Thanks to our sponsors Vertagear, one of our lucky audience won a brand new Vertagear Racing Series SL-5000! They were kind enough to share their unboxing experience with us, so we thought we would share it with you!


I could hardly believe my luck when I found out I’d won the competition (I never win anything!) and I can tell you right now that I love it. Retailing at about £240 (about $316) this chair is made of PVC leather, dense foam padding, and a 5-star aluminum alloy base.


This is how the package looked when it arrived, the box wasn’t too heavy but I had to drag it in anyway. That’s more of a result of my weak arms than of the chair, if only controllers build muscles!

Computer Chair X Gaming Chair X Giveaway X Racing Line X Review X Vertagear X Xbox One Vertagear2

Everything in the box is padded and separated in order to keep things from scratching/breaking any components of the chair. I’m actually glad Vertagear does this since the mailmen in my area like to ignore things like ‘fragile’ written on my packages.


Once everything is out of the box, it looked like this. From left to right there are two pillows (one for lumbar, and the other for head/neck support), 5 soft-glide wheels, the metal base frame, a bag of bolts with allen wrenches, Gas Lift, side covers, five-star foot base, seat base, and back seat support. On the seat base is the instruction guide that walks you through the set up with pictures. Ikea skills, activate!

Vertagear5 Vertagear4

Once you’re finished with the setup, you’ve got yourself an amazing chair. I seriously didn’t want to get up, but I had to push it to my room so that I could sit and write this. I’m in it right now actually. Going from the cheap computer chair (left) that I had to this, it’s like going from a flip phone to a Samsung Galaxy S6!

The cushioning is great, the wheels are smooth across the carpet, and I’ve been playing around with the back, seat, and arm rest angles to find the perfect setting for me. I could seriously pull an all-nighter in this chair. It’s that comfortable. Thank you Vertagear!


There you have it – one satisfied customer!

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