COD: IW Weapons Unique To Franchise

Infinite Warfare was met with very mixed reviews from the fans on how they broke off from their military branches and have gone full science fiction. Infinity Ward say they will embrace that setting to make a unique Call of Duty experience like never before.

In an interview, Infinity Ward’s Brian Horton explained how the weapons will be energy based and how they will be unique to the Call of Duty franchise.

“Our energy weapons are completely unique to this franchise; but there are a mix of weapons that you are accustomed to: ballistic weapons as well as energy weapons,” Horton said. “The energy weapons each have their own uses and functions. But one of the things we’re really excited about are some of our advanced sights which allow the player to do things, like, with a shotgun they’ll be able to manipulate where their pellets are going to go. The pellets will have maximum effect on the enemy. We really wanted to use the advance sights as a way to augment the weapons that are both energy weapons as well as ballistic.”

 So it sounds like there is going to be a whole new variety of weapons to choose from. More than there has ever been before.


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