The Living Dungeon To Get Online Multiplayer

In April we called RadiationBurn’s The Living Dungeon one of the very best turn-based games on Xbox One. We love it, especially when played with friends. In fact we would even say that this is the way that the game is meant to be played. Since the release of the game fans have suggested certain new features to the developer, much is the way with people these days.

One of the features that was requested the most was online multiplayer. This is an obvious one to be honest. We don’t always have our friends sat on the sofa with us and sometimes we just want to play a board game with some strangers.

The developer have been kind enough to give us what we want, well almost. Fans of The Living Dungeon on the Xbox One will get online multiplayer later this month. You can be sure that we will let you know as soon as we have an exact release date for the update.


And there is good news for all the curious out there who haven’t yet plunged into The Living Dungeon. At the moment you can pick up the game with a massive 50% discount from the Xbox Store.

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