Scuf Gaming Confirms Accessories Line Coming for Elite Controller

If you don’t own Xbox One’s Elite controller, there are a few more good reasons to pick one up: Scuf Gaming, who create custom accessories and controllers to ensure you can ‘play like a pro’, have announced a new line of accessories specifically crafted for the Elite.

Frequently cited as the best controller in the world ever by some sections of the industry, the Elite controller features tons of upgrades built for hardcore gamers. This includes different stick types for ultimate control and mappable paddles that make sure players quickest on the draw.


If their past work is anything to go by, gamers should be pretty excited by Scuf’s involvement in Elite’s accessories output– this includes better control grips, hair-trigger paddles, and coloured thumbstick rings to really make the controller your own.

The relationship with Scuf and Microsoft certainly isn’t new, with the company previously becoming the exclusive third-party accessories partner back in 2015. Earlier this year, at E3, Scuf was cited as Microsoft’s official controller customisation partners, and it’s no surprise, given how awesome some of their creations look. But according to the company, SCUF will offer controller customization for the ELITE so Xbox/PC Gamers can experience SCUF innovation if they are purchasing an ELITE controller.

The new, as yet unconfirmed, accessories will release later this year.

What are you hoping they will include? And is it possible to better the already well-received Elite controller?

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