2 New Games Coming To Game Preview

2 new games, Snooker Nation Championship and a Terraria look a like called Starbound could be coming to Xbox One Preview by the end of the month.

According to a listing spotted on the Xbox Store, Snooker Nation Championship is coming soon (perhaps the end of the month) and is stated as “the most important event in your digital snooker diary”.

The offline tournament spans six rounds, competing in the qualifiers through to the grand final held in the Snooker Nation Championship venue, played on meticulously created Championship specification tables. Or take a break from the crowds by challenging players online and climb the global leader boards. Collect a variety of cues and compete in online snooker leagues. Snooker Nation Championship is digital snooker at is best.

Starbound is also coming out of early access towards the end of the month and the developers have promised that there is an Xbox One version coming soon, maybe at the same time as it leaves early access.

Starbound is an action adventure game similar to Terraria which begins with you fleeing your home world in a space shuttle, just as it is destroyed by an unknown enemy. With nothing to guide it, the escape pod shoots into space without direction, becoming hopelessly lost in a sea of stars. As luck would have it, the space shuttle makes contact with an abandoned space station and an adventure begins that will take you hurtling across the universe.

Source: icxm.net Snooker / icxm.net Starbound

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