Resident Evil 5 Suffers From Multiple Issues

Since its release onto Xbox One, Resident Evil 5 has had it’s fair share of problems, good news is Capcom have confirmed that they are working on a solution to these problems.

“We are aware of the current performance issues and certain gameplay bugs and the team is currently looking into it.”

The main problem is the frame rate drops which make the game very difficult to play, as it was discovered in our recent review and inventory issues for the second player in the campaign. Some players have reported that Player 2 can’t buy or upgrade weapons in between chapters.

Another issue concerns the Versus, Survivors, and Team Survivors modes, where players can lose their primary weapon and leaving them unable to defend themselves.

The game was only released last week and was actually released with the issues so hopefully they are fixed very soon. Without the issues the game is very enjoyable.

Read our review HERE


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