Top 5 Guest Characters in Fighting Games

Fighting games are awesome. An expected declaration from a man who proclaims his love for the genre in his own bio, but it’s a declaration I will hammer home until such time as Katsuhiro Harada appears at the Tokyo Game Show, announces fighting games are dead and commits seppuku live on stage. But until that day, the love between bearded man and battering simulations will continue unabated.

And it’s the love of fighting games that’s shared by a lot of gaming companies and the mainstream media in general. So much so that guest characters often find their way into different titles, leading to variety of strange and memorable match-ups. Here are 5 such guest characters that made a big impact.


Akuma – Tekken 7: We’ll get the ball rolling with the most recent of announcements. Street Fighter’s resident demon and master of the Satsui No Hado making his appearance in the world of the Mishima Zaibatsu and genetically cloned dinosaurs certainly gathered some attention for Tekken 7, and rightly so. Whilst not the most groundbreaking or shocking of announcements (we are living in a post Street Fighter X Tekken world, for better and for worse), just seeing a previously 2-D fighter go full 3-D is awesome. Bonus points to Namco for including his Shun Goku Satsu too. Roll on 2017.


Heihachi/Spawn/Link -Soul Calibur 2: Speaking of Namco, they’re no stranger to guest characters. Just look at the Soul Calibur series, which has had more guests than a car keys party… Ask your parents. Soul Calibur 4 impressed by including Darth Vader and Yoda, but for many gamers, the best guest characters came as part of Soul Calibur 2. PS2 owners got Tekken mainstay Heihachi, Xbox players got Todd MacFarlane creation Spawn, whereas Gamecube owners could play as Nintendo’s other poster boy Link. Many a playground argument raged over who got the better deal.


Rash – Killer Instinct: Killer Instinct hasn’t been a stranger to guests this year either. In fact, none of the games on this list have been. Season 3 of KI has been going hard on crossovers introducing both The Arbiter from Halo and General RAAM from Gears of War, and with one last character left to reveal. The biggest reveal had to be Rash from Battletoads though, whose inclusion served as a love letter to both the lineage of Killer Instinct and Rare’s ongoing partnership with Microsoft. Hopefully this is a prelude to the Battletoads making their own solo appearance soon.


SPARTAN-458 “Nicole” – Dead or Alive 4: Of course, Killer Instinct wasn’t the first game to cash in on Halo being involved in fighting games. Enter Dead or Alive 4, with the unlockable SPARTAN-458 “Nicole”, also known as the most covered up female in DoA history. Given Nassau Station as a stomping ground and the Mjlonir Mix of the Halo Theme with which to conduct a symphony of destruction, Nicole was a force to be reckoned with in the right hands.


Predator – Mortal Kombat X –  You own a fighting game franchise filled with killers. Who do you introduce? None other than the most iconic of Hunter/Killers, the Predator. People lost their minds when Netherrealm announced the Predator as part of Mortal Kombat X’s Kombat Pack 1, and who can blame them? The Predator is a natural fit for the series, as both are known for brutal weapons and gruesome kills. It was a match made in… maybe not heaven, but certainly guts and viscera. Now Predator can add Johnny Cage to his skull collection…

And there it is, ladies and gentlespoons: The Guest List. No doubt some people are bummed that we didn’t include Snake in Smash Bros, Akira in DoA5 or Sakura in Rival Schools, so let us know what you’d include in your list in the comments below!

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Ashley Bates

Full time bearded man of Xbox One UK, and also a Senior Editor. Self-appointed Fighting Game Hype Man, because no one else on site appreciates the art of fisticuffs. Catch me on Twitter @donovan_ryder.

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  • 07/07/2016 at 12:45 pm

    you can’t beat rash. His impact was so great that a video character that old was included in a NEXT GEN game. The #HYPE was real

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