XboxDVR Gets New Features

We all love being able to capture game clips, and share them with friends on Xbox Live. Sharing elsewhere – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – is a lot trickier, though.

That’s why we love XboxDVR.

XboxDVR’s a really simple service that allows you to find and share any of your captures (videos and screen shots), and the service is about to get even more powerful.

From today, XboxDVR users can automatically upload new clips to YouTube.

This new feature is available to pro subscribers – subscriptions start from as little as $5 per month. The boffins behind XboxDVR are planning to add auto sharing to Twitter and facebook, too.

If you’ve never tried XboxDVR before, why not give it a go? Just head on over to and enter your Gamertag! Even if YouTube uploading – or automatic sharing to social media – isn’t your thing, it’s still the fastest way to get your captures out of your Xbox and into the big, bad world!

Now, if you’ll excuse me… “Xbox, record that!”

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