Destiny’s Executive Producer Reveals Rise of Iron Time Frame and Why the Plaguelands are Unique

Destiny‘s next expansion Rise of Iron is set to release on September 20th and according to Rise of Iron’s executive producer Scott Taylor it will advance the time line in the Destiny world as well as give players a whole new unique area to explore.  In a recent interview, Taylor explained why Destiny players can be excited and how the world is going to change post Taken King.

Taylor revealed the time setting for the expansion, and when exactly does these events take place in the Destiny universe.

“Time has passed. We haven’t done anything like this before as overtly, where the environment is different. It’s clearly later. It’s its own story though. It’s its own adventure focused on Saladin and the Iron Lords, so I don’t think of it that way. But it’s another side of the Destiny universe.”

Scott continued to talk about what Bungie did to make Plaguelands unique and different than all the other areas in the game.

“There’s new patrols, new public events in the Plaguelands. You have the new enemy type there, the Devil Splicers. They are, as Chris (Christopher Barrett, Director for Rise of Iron) calls them, jerks, and they are kind of ravaging this space. The SIVA is the technology that is behind all of this corruption, and it’s infested all of this area. There’s a bunch of neat, unique to the Plaguelands, events that I don’t want to spoil for people yet, but there’s some really neat things there. It’s going to have its own patrol node, so if you want to just patrol the Plaguelands, you can do that. You’re going to stumble upon all sorts of secrets. We did a lot of that last fall, and we’re going to continue to do that.”


Being that this is the second time destiny players are getting a new area to patrol, Scott kind of elaborated on what to expect in the size and scope compared to the Dreadnaught from the Taken King expansion.

“It’s large. There’s a lot of new real estate. It is very different than the Dreadnaught, because the Dreadnaught was a very interior space, which was awesome. We wanted it to feel vast. So when you come out and you first witness the Plaguelands, you see this amazing sky box that shows you all of the places that you can go. I would describe it as a substantial new zone. It’s meaty. It’s nice.”

As a Destiny fan myself, I’m very excited to see how this new world evolves but remain weary that a steady stream of content is to follow.  Either way, Destiny players have a reason to boot up their consoles on September 20th when Rise of Iron releases.

Is Rise of Iron shaping up to be the expansion Destiny players have hoped for?  Could this expansion bring players back into the world of Destiny?  Let us know what your plans are for this release int he comments section below!

Source: Gamespot

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