What Can Guardians Expect Beyond Rise of Iron?

With anticipation rising (see what I did there) for Destiny‘s new DLC, Rise of Iron, guardians find themselves excited for new content but are weary of the possible drought of content they have experienced over the last year carrying over into Destiny’s third year.  Jason Schreier conducted an interview with Rise of Iron director Christopher Barrett and Bungie head of marketing Eric Osborne at E3 and probed to find what the community can expect post Rise of Iron release.


Barrett elaborated that with the removal of old generation hardware, they now have “bigger bucket” to play with.  The content that has been released already will still work on the older consoles but the current generation allows them to do things they never could before.

In the area though for the Crucible, Destiny’s PVP style arena, they continue to say they have a new game mode and new maps, but have yet to shed light on this.  Many things come to mind for a game mode, such as Capture the Flag or the highly requested “Private Matches”.

These are all good things to come in Rise of Iron but where is Destiny going when the lack of a steady content stream has players hungrier than ever?

Destiny cry emote

Barrett confirmed that the Live Team responsible of events such as Festival of the Lost, Crimson Days’, and Sparrow Racing League (SRL) are now head of both DLC and live events so there is now a group that is solely responsible for new content.  Barrett and Osborne also noted the positive response from the community in regards to SRL.  “One of the biggest learnings that came out of Sparrow Racing was that people really enjoyed the generosity of the loot stream that was coming out of that” Osborne said.

Scherier asked about the chances of old raids and content making a comeback.  Barrett and Osborne acknowledges the fan feedback and finally shed some light on the subject.  Eric Osborne stated “It’s not just priorities, it’s time, it’s priorities, it’s what’s right for the project. Right now people are asking us for new stuff. We certainly see people who are like “we want to bring the light level up on some older stuff” but I think if we were to go in and do older content, we wanna treat it more like we treat some of the strikes, where we reprise them, make them feel fresh, give them a reason to exist”.

How do you feel about the possibilities of older content coming back as well as the upcoming release of Rise of Iron?  Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Kotaku

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