The Bunker- New Gameplay Trailer

Video games are changing. For years we have wanted games that are more realistic the more realistic the better. Well now our dreams are about to come true. UK independent developer Splendy Games have been working on a fully live action game starring Adam Brown from the Hobbit and Sarah Greene from Penny Dreadful. That game is The Bunker and it is dark.

Just to prove this point the developer has treated us to a spectacular new gameplay trailer that shows us how the live action gameplay works. It also reveals some of the grim circumstances surrounding the story and life in The Bunker. And you can enjoy that trailer in its entirety right here.

Even though The Bunker is completely live action you will still have complete control and will be able to explore the whole bunker. Ladies and gentleman, the future is almost here and it is bleak, it is dark and it is spectacular.

The Bunker is set to be released onto the Xbox One this September.

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