The 5 Most Psychotic Psychopaths in Dead Rising

One of the best parts of the Dead Rising series was the Psychopaths: a collection of challenging boss fights against some of weirdest characters ever committed to a video game disc. The recent gameplay shown at E3 for the upcoming Dead Rising 4 lacks that certain psychotic presence, but we’ve got to believe it’ll be there. There’s a huge opportunity for a fight against a deranged hobo Santa that Capcom Vancouver would be foolish not to take.

Still, these fresh psychos would have to be pretty special to out-crazy the craziness that came before. So in celebration of a new Dead Rising game, let’s look at 5 of the most memorable psychos across the whole series.


Adam: Let’s get the list started with a doozy from the first game. Chainsaw wielding clowns are always your first draft pick when building a team of super psychos. More than just your regular unhinged Stephen King send up, however, Adam is proven to be a cut above the regular psychopath, utilising the noise of Willamette’s nearby rollercoaster to distract the zombies. He’s also a dab hand with throwing knives, because what self-respecting children’s entertainer wouldn’t be a fantastic knife man? This clown is not t0 be taken lightly.


Brandon: There’s something to be said about a psycho with fanatical devotion to a certain, regardless of whether they’re misguided or delusional. Brandon… He’s got the whole thing. Appearing in Dead Rising 2’s Fortune City, he’s a former CURE protester, campaigning for zombie civil rights, though his methods have become more severe since the outbreak; actively converting people into zombies in an attempt to equalise society. How can there be any discrimination if everyone is a zombie? Shame, then, that he’s a total hypocrite who slices his own throat when he gets bitten.


Antoine: It should go without saying that eating people is never okay. Never. Not even to get a positive review from a guy who isn’t even your scheduled food critic, and especially when the humans aren’t dead and you’re just a crazy person. Antoine isn’t to be deterred by such social faux pas though; confident in his assertion that human meat “tastes just like chicken”, though it “needs more buttah”. Still, Antoine is no slouch. He’s deadly with a knife and isn’t afraid to go upside your head with a frying pan. Be careful, lest you become one of today’s specials.


Chuck Greene: Before you ask, no. This isn’t some “life is cruel, you’re the biggest psycho” point here. That’s for another article *cough* shameless plug *cough cough*. Still, it’s worth mentioning how Chuck leaves Katey with a damn tiger. That’s straight crazy right there. But we’re looking at a different Chuck: Off The Record Chuck. Losing your daughter is rough, even in a fictional, alternative, “in-no-way-canon” universe. Just ask Chuck, who has taken to alcoholism, a fondness for the word “nutbar”, and an unusual attachment to a doll that looks like his daughter. Poor guy, can’t help but feel bad for him as you pelt him with nail bats and paddle saws.


Kenny: Dead Rising 3 offered a different take on the psychos than previous games. Taking inspiration from the 7 Deadly Sins, hero Nick Ramos encountered some real freaks in Los Perdidos, but perhaps most memorable is Kenny. Originally a survivor who can’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag, he becomes inspired by Nick’s heroics, taking to imitating the protagonist… Poorly. Instead of crafting weapons, he just creates Junk Balls and smacks you with them. It’s equal parts pathetic and amusing to watch.

And there’s your list. Have we missed your favourite? Of course we have, so sound off in the comments below about which crazy guy left an impression on you!

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