Xbox One’s TV DVR Teased, May Still Happen

Now Microsoft have re-aligned the Xbox One to focus on – what else? – games, certain hangovers from their TV-TV-TV days still remained. TV DVR, the ability to save recorded shows to a hard drive, is one of those hangovers that Xbox owners are still asking for, and waiting on. Now Xbox general manager Dave McCarthy, has teased that it may one day happen.

Earlier in June, Microsoft pulled the plug on TV DVR – sort of – claiming it was on hold. Everyone took that to mean the idea was scrapped for keeps, but in an interview with Gamespot, Xbox’s general manager suggested otherwise.


Explaining that, despite putting DVR on hold, Xbox One has tons of media support, Dave McCarthy said:

Those are always tough decisions. You kind of have to prioritize where you’re focusing your time. We listen. We look at that User Feedback site on a regular basis and try and respond to what people want the most. I wouldn’t rule it out entirely, over time.

So it may still be on the cards. If you want to make TV DVR on Xbox One happen, you can jump over to Xbox’s Feedback Site and let them know.

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