Dead Rising 4 To Double-Up On Zombies

Dead Rising 4

Whats the best thing about zombie games? Of course, it’s the zombies. The dead Rising franchise is famed for filling your screen with hordes of the undead for you to dispatch using a variety of creative weapons. Dead Rising 3 utilisied the power of the just launched Xbox One to give us some spectacularly terrifying scenes of a sea of zombies in front of us and we loved it. Well that was nothing, Dead Rising 4 is set to double the number of Zombies.

In an interview the executive producer of Dead Rising 4, Bryce Cochrane, has been talking about the number of zombies we can expect and how this was possible due to a reworking of the animation system. “One of things that we did do for this game, and to allow us to put so many more zombies into the game, is we went in and re-did our animation system so we could get more onto the screen at a time. And also do more destruction to those zombies. So as you see right now, you slice them in half but depending on where you hit them you dismember them differently.”deadrising3There is also another major changing coming to this latest entry in the franchise. One of the things that irked players the most was the timer system which was there to put you under pressure but worked to also somewhat limit your zombie slaying exploits. Well now this timer has gone. This means that you can play the game in several different ways in what the developers are now calling “a zombie killing playground”. Talking about this lack of a timer and the effects it will have on how you play the game Cochrane had this to say, “If you wanna go kill zombies, you can do that. If you want to follow the campaign, you can do that as well. And choose what you want to do while you’re playing the game.”

So now there are twice as many reasons for us to salivate over the fun that we will be having mowing down those mindless zombie hordes.

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3 thoughts on “Dead Rising 4 To Double-Up On Zombies”

  1. @DeadRising i’m so god damn hyped it’s gonna be the best Christmas gift ever

  2. UK.A says:

    @DeadRising crikey, are you going to be able to even move? The third game, was ‘clogged’ up a tad!

  3. Steven says:

    @DeadRising can’t wait to set an all-time zombie killing record

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