FIFA 17 – A New Journey

If you’ve played FIFA over the years you may be a huge fan in the endless packs, Ultimate Team or Pro Player leveling that it has evolved into. While some may welcome the additions over the more recent of years, some may say that the annual changes have been minimal, with only a slightly more aesthetically-pleasing design to the gameplay. Part of that limitation on year could arguably be due to the current engine, Ignite, which was solely created by EA for their sports games including NBA and Madden. For FIFA 17 though, it’s being built on the EA DICE developed engine, Frostbite – used in games such as the new Mass Effect, Battlefield and Mirror’s Edge. Not only will the new engine allow for more realistic looking characters and more dynamic lighting, but mechanics such as player weight and new techniques are hoped to dilute that repetitiveness seen in matches now.

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Some of these include a new shooting option for low, driven shots towards goal which has only previously been seen while taking free-kicks or making a less-than-powerful effort on target. It also works with headers, while other mid-air balls can be taken down on the chest or foot rather than only heading it when battling against an opponent. Passes and through-balls can be curved for more creativity in the balls’ journey toward goal while a redeveloped AI will make more varied runs and options when attacking – we’ll see if any major updates are needed in case of a FIFA 16 repeat of problematic defenders!

The other major addition is in the form of a new game mode – The Journey. It looks to combine a familiar play-style of the “Be A Pro” format but instead following and controlling a young player, Alex Hunter, in his quest for football stardom. It’ll combine the on-field play with Hunter’s personal life, progression in his career choices and post-match reporting.

Many games seem to be adding an RPG element with an ever-expanding eclectic mix of gaming genres. But will this new addition appease the critics of not having enough in the newest FIFA? Or do players just want a better experience when playing matches? The Journey trailer is below and if you wanted to find out more about how the game is being developed you can follow this link to the official site.

It’s safe to say there are changes with EA’s next football title, set to release September 27th this year. However, with big changes come big responsibility to deliver, and whether FIFA 17 becomes the game we are all hoping for or if the development has taken the team a little too far out of their comfort zone is only a few months away to be seen.

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