Halo 5 Community Update | Warzone Firefight Sneak Peek

Warzone Firefight is the next – and much anticipated – update for Halo 5: Guardians, bringing back the much-loved co-operative mode that debuted in Halo: ODST. Although still a few weeks away, April’s Beta showed the mode was in good shape and will likely be a fantastic addition to one of Xbox One’s best multiplayer titles.

The update will bring the Firefight mode, some improvements and additions to Forge, a refresh of the main Warzone mode that we covered a couple of weeks ago, and a handful of new maps. In fact, this week’s Community Update from 343 Industries explains that a minor teaser our own Danny spotted a couple of weeks ago relates to a new map.

“Next up, here’s a quick look at another specific something we haven’t yet shown you. You may remember the mysterious top banner in Bravo’s Hints and Heroes blog, which at the time was an unreleased piece of concept art for an upcoming Warzone map. Today, we reveal the full piece of art, as well as an added bonus piece of artwork from that same map.”

~ B is for Bravo, 343 Industries

Very atmospheric it looks, too.

New Halo 5 Warzone Map Concept Art

Forge will get an update, too. Tidal is a brand new Halo 5 Forge canvas with interesting topography; lots of verticality on which to create maptacular masterpieces. We’re sad to say that we haven’t spent as much time as we’d like with Forge, but Tidal might just be the nudge we need to set aside real life and get creating!

The next update will include three new multiplayer maps. The first to be revealed is Prospect and from the artwork shared, this industrial-themed map looks like it will offer plenty of tight, close-quarters action and sneaky flanking opportunities.

Halo 5 Prospect Map

343 Industries is also starting to provide more information about the REQs that will drop as part of the update – check out the Req panel in all its incomplete glory. We’re especially excited for the Temple Banshee (I’ll still crash it horribly, but I’ll look shiny and chrome golden while doing so) and the very industrial-looking Cyclops armour variant.

Halo Warzone Firefight Req Panel

Finally for this week, 343 Industries have answered a few fan questions on the current Halo Wars 2 Beta. So if you’re wondering why Cutter and Anders are different from the first game, or where Halo Wars 2 fits into the ever-expanding Halo timeline, head on over to halowaypoint.com for the answers!

See you in the Warzone, Spartans!

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