Ark Survival Evolved – The Center To Get Redwood Biome

Thanks to a livestream we have some more information on the new Redwood biome for Ark – developers first announced this a little while back stating ‘The Island’ map would be changed and we should expect the new Redwood biome to cover the Grand Peak Island. Now we can also expect the Redwood biome to make an appearance on ‘The Center’ with no clear release date yet, it is said that it will be created on a whole new island added to the south of the already large map.

The Redwood biome for the center is still in early development but when it arrives you can expect to see new caves and ruins which already feature heavily on the map plus a new boss arena on top of the mountains, this area can only be accessed by teleporting via the Obelisks.


The Redwood Biome will be a welcomed addition to the game giving a sense of verticality since so far most bases are built down on the ground – The huge Redwood trees that cannot be cut down will serve as a perfect location to build treehouse bases and get your tribe off the ground where all the dangers lurk.

Are you excited about the new biome ? will you want to build a Ewok style base or are you already content on your base location ?

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